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15 MAY 2024

Sarantis Group launches the new Noxzema Bonupack Shower Gels and the new Noxzema Liquid Cream Soaps

Sarantis Group demonstrates its commitment to a continuously dynamic philosophy of research and development while simultaneously investing in the Greek market, modernizing its production plant in Oinofyta.


Sarantis Group and STR8 support the work of the Panathinaikos People with Disabilities Association for the 2023 – 2023 season

Sarantis Group and the popular men’s grooming brand STR8 proudly announce their support for the work of the Panathinaikos People with Disabilities Association during the sports season 2023 – 2024. Sarantis Group and STR8 acknowledge the importance of this work and offer their support for promoting values through sports.

17 OCTOBER 2023

SANITAS and AB Vassilopoulos on their first joint volunteer clean up action around the Veikou Grove in Galatsi

SANITAS, the reliable brand of Sarantis Group and AB Vassilopoulos joined forces and conducted their first joint volunteer cleanup action at Veikou Grove in Galatsi. This is an area they will systematically care for through collaborative efforts, with the substantial contribution of the PanHellenic Volunteer Movement Save Your Hood.

6 OCTOBER 2023

Sarantis Group and SANITAS collaborate with major Supermarket chains and support the Save Your Hood movement

Sarantis Group and the megabrand SANITAS, in collaboration with major super market chains in Greece, offer their support to the outstanding efforts of the Save Your Hood movement. The Group’s strategy focuses on establishing long – term partnerships and places great importance on sensitivity and the adoption of sustainable development practices.

11 APRIL 2024

Sarantis Group and SANITAS continue their joint voluntary cleaning action with AB Vassilopoulos in Galatsi

Faithful to our commitment to actively contribute to the care and revival of the park, Sarantis Group and the megabrand SANITAS, once again, joined forces with AB Vassilopoulos and conducted the 2nd joint cleaning action at Veikou Grove in Galatsi supporting the work of the PanHellenic Volunteer Movement Save Your Hood.

22 JANUARY 2024

Sarantis Group receives Recognition at the Bravo Sustainability Dialogue & Awards 2023 for Pioneering clinéa, the 1st refillable skincare brand

Sarantis Group recognized at the Annual Bravo National Dialogue for Sustainable Development for the initiative “Sarantis Group launches clinéa, the refillable clean pharmacy skincare brand” in the “MARKET” category.

11 OCTOBER 2023

Sarantis Group wins 4 Gold Awards at the Packaging Awards 2023 and is also honored with the title of “Packaging Brand of The Year” for the innovative clinea

Sarantis Group stands out for innovative initiatives and environmental respect at this year’s Packaging Awards 2023 with the pioneering clinea, the first refillable skincare brand. The Group, through the institution that recognizes businesses capable of conveying the true value of packaging in product branding, won 4 Gold Awards in different categories while, also, claiming the top title of the year “Packaging Brand of the Year”.

3 OCTOBER 2023

Sarantis Group and its employees stand by the people affected by the devastating floods in Thessaly

Sarantis Group, once again, demonstrates that it stands by those who are truly in need and consistently responds to urgent needs. From the very beginning, the Group demonstrated its solidarity and care by providing support to the families and citizens affected by the devastating floods in Thessaly.

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