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Headquartered in Athens and boasting a history of over 50 years, we are a multinational consumer products company having dominant presence in Eastern Europe through own subsidiaries and strong export activity worldwide.

Our Strong Heritage enhances a course full of successes, which shapes the way we do business today. Determined by our roots, we shape our future.

  • A Greek local company transformed into a Greek multinational consumer products company.
  • Solid Track record on product development initiatives, value-adding acquisitions, new strategic partnerships.
  • Continuously building a strong footprint in the Eastern European region.
  • Throughout our history we invest on the active brand portfolio management and optimization through continuous R&D and product development initiatives, always driven by quality, innovation and creativity.
  • Over the last decade we doubled our financial size, maintaining our financial strength and our ability to self-finance our strategic plan.

Establishment of GR. SARANTIS S.A.


Distribution agreements with leading international cosmetics companies

Acquisitions of consumer products companies in Greece


Company’s Listing in the Athens Stock Exchange

1994 -2000

Expansion in Eastern Europe through establishing subsidiaries (Bulgaria-1994, Romania-1996, Serbia-1997, Poland-2000)

Acquisitions of consumer products companies in Greece.


Creation in Athens of the company’s new production facilities, warehouse & distribution centre


Establishment of Estee Lauder JV

Acquisition of Pack Plast in Poland (2002)

Establishment of a subsidiary in Czech Republic (2002)


Establishment of a subsidiary in Hungary (2006)

Acquisition of the Romanian cosmetics company ELMIPLANT (2007)

Acquisition of the Hungarian household products company TRADE 90 (2008)


Acquisition of the Polish  brand KOLASTYNA (2010)

Acquisition of the Hungarian household products brand DOMET and of the Serbian household products brand TOPSTAR. New exclusive distribution agreements with CONTER SPA – SODALIS GROUP (2011)

New exclusive distribution agreements with LA PRAIRIE in Greece &Establishment a subsidiary in BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA (2012)


Our Current History:

Acquisition of NOXZEMA in Greece from Procter & Gamble

Acquisition of the Czech cosmetic trademarks company ASTRID T.M.

Establishment of a subsidiary in Portugal


Acquisition of AVA in Greece from P&G

Acquisition of POLIPAK in Poland

NOXZEMA production transfer to the Greek plant


Acquisition of INDULONA in Czech Republic and Slovakia
Acquisition of ERGOPACK in Ukraine
Agreement with Coty for the distribution of Wella retail hair brands in the Greek mass market
Establishment of a subsidiary in Slovakia


Agreement with Coty regarding the distribution of Coty Luxury Cosmetics brands in the Greek selective market.
Extension of the shareholding agreement with The Estee Lauder Companies Inc.


Finalization of the acquisition of LUKSJA personal care brand in Poland.
Contract for the construction of a new headquarters of Polipak signed.


Finalisation of an agreement with Unilever Asia for the distribution of Fissan in Greece


Acquisition of STELLA PACK company in Poland

Sale of Gr. Sarantis S.A. participation in the Joint Venture with THE ESTÉE LAUDER COMPANIES

Sarantis Worldwide

Since our beginning more than 50 years ago, we have managed to transform our Greek local company into a Greek multinational consumer products company that boasts significant international presence and leading brands.

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