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Quality Commitment

Quality and safety is one of the Company’s top priorities. Quality is the foundation behind our product development process.

Quality control is applied to all the stages of a product's life, from the collection of raw material to packaging. This way, we ensure that every new product meets the most demanding quality criteria and answers the needs of our customers.

We take all possible protective measures and conduct all necessary quality controls on the produced and marketed products, in order to ensure health and safety for our consumers. High hygiene standards and strict quality controls are applied at all the stages of a product's life, from the collection of raw material to packaging.

We follow a Management System that has been designed and installed in order to meet the customer requirements and expectations in terms of quality and to fully comply with the applicable Statutory & Regulatory Requirements and International Standards.

The company has installed and implements an Integrated Management System, in accordance with the specifications set by the applicable International Standards, with the ultimate goal to fully comply with the current Statutory and Regulatory Framework as well as to satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers.

Our commitments

  • Focus on customer satisfaction, effective handling of customer complaints and continuous communication with them.
  • Maintain communication channels with our suppliers.
  • Continuous improvement of the our energy performance.
  • Compliance with the applicable Statutory and Regulatory Requirements.
  • Maintain appropriate measures of hygiene & safety in all our products, control of the energy performance throughout the entire supply chain, and compliance with the requirements of the National and European Legislation and the Regulations deriving from them.
  • Continuous personnel training and awareness, aiming at a) the understanding of the Integrated Management System Policy; b) the hygiene and safety of produced and marketed products; and c) the promotion of an energy saving culture.
  • Continuous re-evaluation of our policies and procedures, aiming at continuous improvement.
  • Ensure availability of information and all necessary resources, in order to achieve established goals and objectives.
  • Determine and address opportunities and risks, which can affect either the conformity of products and services, or our ability to enhance consumer satisfaction.
  • Supervise the strict application and implementation of GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), GHPs (Good Hygiene Practices) and HACCP Study (where applicable).
  • Continuously support the purchasing of energy-efficient products or services and design energy performance improvements.


Research & Development

Innovation and quality drives our vision to offer top-class brands that match our consumers’ needs. 

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