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Strong international presence.

Since our beginning more than 50 years ago, we have managed to transform our Greek local company into a Greek multinational consumer products company that boasts significant international presence and leading brands.

Today we operate in 12 countries through subsidiaries and have significant presence through exports worldwide.

Our considerable knowledge on the markets we operate, our constantly expanding brand portfolio, our extensive distribution network and our strong financial position, support the Group’s dynamic and successful course.

The further strengthening of our geographical expansion is a key driver to our further future growth

We expand our geographical footprint through the establishment of subsidiaries in countries of strategic importance, the development of our exports and acquisitions.

The Company’s subsidiaries are located in 12 countries within Europe, and in particular, in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, North Macedonia, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Portugal, Ukraine, and Slovenia, while at the same time, the Company maintains a powerful distribution network in approximately 50 countries via direct exports through its headquarters and its subsidiaries.

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    We are a multinational consumer products company having dominant presence in Eastern Europe through own subsidiaries and strong export activity worldwide.

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