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Sarantis Group and SANITAS collaborate with major Supermarket chains and support the Save Your Hood movement

6 OCTOBER 2023

Sarantis Group and the megabrand SANITAS, in collaboration with major super market chains in Greece, offer their support to the outstanding efforts of the Save Your Hood movement. The Group’s strategy focuses on establishing long – term partnerships and places great importance on sensitivity and the adoption of sustainable development practices.

The Group’s vision is to offer beloved and reliable brands that meet consumers’ needs while demonstrating responsibility towards society and the environment within the scope of its activities. In this context, SANITAS, with respect to the planet, embeds sustainability at the core of its operations. With a mission to enhance the daily lives of everyone, it always seeks the best and offers with a focus on energy and resource conversation. With a mission to improve our everyday lives, it constantly seeks the best and delivers it through innovative solutions and environmentally – friendly products, developed with a focus on energy and resource conservation. The moto “Everything can be made better” simultaneously serves as a promise and the brand’s purpose. A unified purpose that represents people, communities and our planet.

From October, we are joining forces with selected super market chains, where for every purchase of SANITAS garbage bags, €0.02 will be allocated to support the Save Your Hood movement. Your contribution is valuable! We care for the future the same way we care about the present!

In this journey of our endeavor, we have the Save Your Hood movement as an ally, putting our initiative into action to improve our neighborhoods together.  The shared need for cleaner and more beautiful spaces unites us all, so that together we can contribute to the enhancement of the urban environment and the improvement of living conditions and quality of life for residents.

Sarantis Group is actively demonstrating its commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business practice by returning trust to the local communities in which it operates through “green practices” and actions that promote sustainability and reduce its environmental footprint.

*The promotion is valid from 05/10/2023 until 06/12/2023 for selected super markets.


About Sarantis Group:

Headquartered in Athens and boasting a history of over 50 years, Sarantis Group is a multinational consumer products company having leading presence in Eastern Europe and an expanding geographical footprint through own subsidiaries and strong export activity worldwide. Our mission is to uplift the mood of consumers, with beautiful simplicity that makes everyday life better, by being always nearby, working closely with our stakeholders to create value sustainably. From Personal Care, Home Care and Health Care Products as well as Luxury Cosmetics, we offer well recognized brands that have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. With strong activity in 13 countries, and in particular in Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia, Portugal, Slovenia and Ukraine, we maintain a dynamic international presence and a powerful distribution network of more than 50 countries around the world.

Sarantis Group and SANITAS collaborate with major Supermarket chains and support the Save Your Hood movement (132.3KB)

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