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2nd Voluntary Cleaning Action by Sarantis Group and megabrand SANITAS in collaboration with Save Your Hood

6 JUNE 2024

Sarantis Group and the reliable brand, SANITAS, true to their commitment to reduce their ecological footprint, organized for the second consecutive year, the joint voluntary cleaning action with the support of Save Your Hood. Following the very successful action in 2023, at the Merchant Marine Hospital, volunteers from the Group, this time, carried out this year’s clean-up at the Vravrona Aquatic Reserve. In Honor of World Environment Day, employees had the opportunity to visit one of Attica's most ecologically significant wetlands. With the ally of the good weather, they formed teams and began collecting waste. Over 60 enthusiastic volunteers, motivated by the slogan "Everything can be better", which embodies SANITAS's commitment and purpose, participated in this year's event. Equipped with special gloves and SANITAS FLEX & STRONG bags made from 100% recycled plastic, they managed to collect 53,000 liters of waste from the area, demonstrating that every small action makes a significant impact on the urban environment in which we live and work.

At Sarantis Group, we align our strategies and activities with these initiatives, aiming for a sustainable and inclusive future. For 60 years, with a sense of responsibility and reciprocity towards society, we have been creating added value and investing in our people. We believe in their strength and continue to build our future with them, living daily with "ETHOS" – because it is what we stand for. Our vision, strategy, and actions for environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance guide all our initiatives. We strive to embody this commitment in our daily operations, practices, and corporate culture.

2nd Voluntary Cleaning Action by Sarantis Group and megabrand SANITAS in collaboration with Save Your Hood (142.7KB)

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