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23 MARCH 2015
During its annual corporate presentation, Sarantis Group presented the FY 2014 financial results as well as the management’s strategy and estimates for 2015.


Sarantis Group FY 2014 financial results demonstrate the Group’s ability to grow amidst a challenging business environment, confirming the consistency and success of the management’s strategic decisions.


Sarantis Group recorded Full Year 2014 sales of € 248.44 million versus € 236.59 million last year, presenting a 5.01%, that is supported by strong demand for the Group’s brands and continuous support initiatives behind its brand portfolio.

Significant growth was observed both in Greece and in the foreign operations of the Group. Greece, on the one hand, contributing 35.79% to total Group turnover, presented a 5.10% increase, performing remarkably ahead of the market, settling at € 88.93 million.

The foreign countries, on the other hand, which represent 64.21% of the Group’s total turnover, maintained their positive momentum increasing by 4.96% to € 159.51 million, which translates to a 6.02% average growth in currency neutral terms.


The main elements of this performance are the Group’s organic growth combined with a considerable improvement in the Group’s Gross Profit margin, largely due to better sourcing, lower production cost as well as more favorable commodities prices, cost control and a robust financial position which enables the Group to self-finance its activities and investments.


Sarantis Group continues to generate free cashflows indicating its healthy financial position and its operational efficiency.

The management is focused behind initiatives to accelerate growth as well as on returning value to its shareholders. After completing the acquisition of the Czech cosmetics trademarks company ASTRID TM. of c. €6.4 mil. and the acquisition of the NOXZEMA business in Greece amounting to € 8.7 mil., and having paid an interim dividend for FY 2013 in January 2014 of approximately €10.4 mil., as of the end of 2014 the Group maintains a net cash position of €9.6 mil.


Sarantis Group healthy financial position allows for investing behind the strategic pillars that support the Group’s growth and profitable outlook.

The focus is behind the Group’s core business categories of mass market cosmetics and household products through the continuous renewal and enrichment of the Group’s brand portfolio, increasing its market shares, improving productivity and production cost, examining acquisitions of profitable and well established companies or brands suitable to the Group’s portfolio, and finally capitalizing on the human resources capabilities.

Operational excellence is achieved through a continuing effort to optimise the Group’s figures in a highly competitive and dynamic international business environment, with a view to ongoing growth and improved financial performance.


The Management’s guidance with regards to the Group’s 2015 financial performance is shown in the table below.

Moreover, the management will propose at the Company’s Annual Shareholders Meeting due May 12th 2015 a dividend payment for FY 2014 of 0.15 euro per share.

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* 2007 Financial Results as shown in this table do not include the capital gains from the sale of the company’s participation in K.P. MARINOPOULOS S.A.

**2010 Financial Results as shown in this table do not include the capital losses from sale of the of the company’s participation in K. Theodorides S.A.

***In 2013 capital losses from sale of Folli Follie Group (FFG) stock not included.



The Group’s presentation can be found in the Company’s website:

Sarantis Group annual presentation to analysts (492.3KB)

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