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Sarantis Group celebrates 30 years of presence in the Athens Stock Exchange

4 JULY 2024

One of the longest-standing Greek companies continues its journey as a leading regional player building on excellent performance and strong financial results

SARANTIS S.A., the multinational consumer products company with an expanding geographical footprint, marks 30 years since its listing on the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange, which took place on July 4, 1994.

Throughout its long history, the Group succeeded, through its strategic development plan, to grow and establish itself not only in the domestic market but also internationally. It has become a multinational consumer products company with a continuously expanding geographical footprint and leading brands. The strong growth of the Group's operational base, complemented by exploring development opportunities through acquisitions, continuous investment in innovation and new technologies and especially the enhancement of the skills of the Group's people and the development of their leadership capabilities, have all contributed to creating the right conditions for promoting its sustainable growth.

In an environment marked by immense challenges on both economic and social levels, the Group not only managed to establish itself in the Central and Southeast Europe region, but also built on its strengths to shape a modern and competitive organization committed to adopting and integrating best practices in corporate governance.

In this direction, the Group recently announced the transition to the new management structure, in which Mr. Kyriakos Sarantis assumed the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Giannis Bouras assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer. These changes complete the creation of a more dynamic Board of Directors, strengthened with new independent members with extensive expertise and significant professional experience, who will contribute strongly in shaping the Group's future.

Sarantis Group consistent and committed to its values and vision, continues to evolve by adopting innovative practices that lay strong foundations for sustainable growth. In addition, the Group's digital transformation is at the forefront of the Group's efforts to optimize its operational processes, solidifying its leadership position in the markets it operates and enhancing its competitive advantages.

We are extremely proud that in such a dynamic and challenging environment, Sarantis Group has managed to establish its reliability and the strength of its brands. Our commitment in value creation and innovation, in our people and our organizational excellence as an assurance for achieving our goals, has made us a leading company in the sectors of interest. Our 30 years of presence on the Athens Stock Exchange are marked by the implementation of a strong strategic growth plan" noted Giannis Bouras, Chief Executive Officer of Sarantis Group.

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Sarantis Group Sustainability Report 2023

Sarantis Group, being fully committed to its strategy, is intensifying efforts towards Sustainable Development and reaffirms once again its dedication towards innovation and high-quality products that are safe and environmentally friendly.
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