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Top Accolades for Sarantis Group at the Procurement Excellence Awards 2024

28 FEBRUARY 2024

Sarantis Group and the Procurement Department achieved significant accolades at the Procurement Excellence Awards, earning a Gold Award in the Best Category Management Initiative category with the submission “Fragrance Excellence: A Category Management journey towards sustainable simplicity and cost optimization” as well as Silver Award in the Manufacturing category with the submission “Procurement Team: Mapping the road towards Excellence!”.

The impressive awards ceremony concluded with the presence of 170 industry representatives, providing a spectacular finale to the 1st edition of the awards. The major winners were announced on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, at the Radisson Blu Park Hotel.

At Sarantis Group, guided by our purpose, we pursue and invest in a clear strategy and a successful business model that foster sustainable profitable growth and value for all stakeholders within a highly competitive international business environment.

The Group’s Procurement Team not only meets targets but strives for Excellence. Through meticulously designed plans for annual savings, contract negotiations and open-book agreements, reduction of supplier numbers and active management of business risk through alternative suppliers we demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement, strategic partnerships and translating corporate goals into actions and measurable results.

The Sarantis Group‘s Procurement Team doesn’t just achieve but it Redefines, steadily approaching excellence, focusing on the following 3 pillars: Value CreationSupplier & Risk ManagementPeople & Efficiency Improvement.  

Through the pioneering initiative "Fragrance Excellence", the Procurement Department is poised to revolutionize the Fragrance category, focusing on both sustainability and cost. The packaging overhaul, coupled with reductions in material codes and suppliers, leads to optimized management time and cost, while also promoting circular economy principles.

The innovations it introduces include streamlining materials and production processes, reducing packaging weight and increasing product recyclability. The holistic approach of Reduce – Reuse – Recycle underscores the commitment to responsible consumption. This comprehensive strategy enhances not only the consumer experience but also the Group’s commitment to ethical and sustainable products and practices, supporting the initiative for a more sustainable future. Sarantis Group aiming for responsible consumption is committed to promoting a more sustainable way of life by providing an ecological perspective on the use of its products, embracing concepts of recycling, proper waste segregation and packaging reuse. Our business actions are based on social responsibility and ethics. Only in this way can we continually generate value for our partners. We care today for tomorrow!

Top Accolades for Sarantis Group at the Procurement Excellence Awards 2024 (148.9KB)

Sarantis Group Sustainability Report 2023

Sarantis Group, being fully committed to its strategy, is intensifying efforts towards Sustainable Development and reaffirms once again its dedication towards innovation and high-quality products that are safe and environmentally friendly.
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