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Sarantis Group through its homecare brand AVA collaborates with the NGO FOOD ON in order to support socially excluded groups

5 MAY 2022

The beloved detergent AVA, Sarantis Group home care brand, in collaboration with FOOD ON and its CSR activity, organized a social dinner at "Raki Meze" of the Kastelorizo ​​group, giving the opportunity to unemployed and socially excluded people to dine with various company representatives so that they can successfully integrate into society and claim a vacancy.

Dinner is the way that FOOD ON chooses to get close to socially excluded people that live under difficult conditions, with market people who could enhance their networking for a new perspective on their professional future. Each dinner is attended by 16 beneficiaries and 16 company representatives.

The Organization was created in 2017 with the aim of eliminating social exclusion by giving the opportunity to people living under poverty to be educated in the tourism and food sector with the aim of their ultimate connection with the labor market, which could be achieved through their active participation in Social dinings. Social dinings are a way of getting to know and interacting with young people and individuals from different social groups who, in addition to meeting their basic nutritional needs, are given an alternative social perspective for the future.

During the dinner, the founder of the organization, Argyris Zanias, stated: "We are very happy that such an emblematic product as AVA actively participates in the mission of our organization and together we will organize “purely out of love” 5 separate social dinners in which we hope to help 80 human beings who experience social exclusion in order to be activated and to integrate effectively into society through a separate new principle ", while Chrysa Pantazopoulou, AVA’s Brand Manager, expressed her joy for the participation of AVA in such a special event and set as the main goal of the 5 dinners co-organized with AVA “to help as many human beings as possible”.

AVA has been active to its consumers for 40 years, always wishing to offer to society as it continues to evolve daily, while giving the most effective dishwashing experience. It rinses easily without leaving any residue, using less water and at the same time saving valuable time. Efficient and with cold water, AVA is available in 3 different series to meet the different consumers’ needs.

This collaboration will continue for 4 more dinings that will take place until the beginning of October and it is estimated that it will embrace and support 80 people in need.

Sarantis Group, both through its CSR activity and its purposeful brands, wishes to actively contribute to the eradication of poverty by significantly alleviating social exclusion.


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Sarantis Group through its homecare brand AVA collaborates with the NGO FOOD ON in order to support socially excluded groups (323.6KB)

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