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SANITAS: changing cooking habits with the new baking paper with the multi-bake technology and celebrates it in a two-day Cooking Event

23 APRIL 2024

SANITAS, the leading brand in household care of the Sarantis Group, has created a unique event to introduce its new, upgraded non-stick paper to the food enthusiasts. Top chefs, nutritionists, mommy bloggers & food experts had the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, cooking together with experienced chef Gabriel Nicolaides, unfolding secrets that will change our daily lives. Use in the oven, in the air fryer, in the toaster, and even in the frying pan, they come to certify the multi-bake technology that guarantees the superiority of SANITAS baking paper and to create new alternatives that save us time and effort. The event took place in a specially designed space, on April 19th and 20th, with more than 50 SANITAS friends in attendance, showing their preference and trust in this timeless brand.

The upgraded properties of SANITAS baking paper are attributed to its even denser and thicker mesh, making it top-notch for every challenge. With that way, SANITAS baking paper helps keep cookware clean, for even faster or no washing at all, embracing all cooking methods, proving in practice that it can keep up with all culinary trends of the times. Additionally, SANITAS baking paper is compostable and after use, it can be discarded in designated compost bins.

With a common philosophy and values, Sarantis Group and SANITAS continue to promote sustainable development and innovation. Guided by the principles of sustainable development, we implement practices that respect the environment and contribute to its protection.

Through continuous research and development, we strive to create innovative products that reflect the modern needs and demands of consumers. With a dedication to innovation and sustainable practices, we continue to promote sustainability at every level of our business, creating a better future for future generations.



SANITAS is a reliable brand with a presence in the Greek market for more than 50 years. Its purpose is to continuously offer quality and innovative products that make people's everyday life simpler and more pleasant. Always consistent with its principles and with respect for consumers, it creates safe and practical products, providing solutions for the whole household. With the message "Everything can be made better", the mission of SANITAS, through innovative products, is to be the best ally in the kitchen but also to protect the environment, constantly researching new, "green" solutions. SANITAS is known for its commitment to superior quality, inspiring confidence, dynamism to evolve and for its safe products. These values ​​are at the core of its DNA and are reflected in the design and production of its products.

SANITAS: changing cooking habits with the new baking paper with the multi-bake technology and celebrates it in a two-day Cooking Event (129.6KB)

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