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Sarantis Group supports NGOs during the COVID-19 pandemic

1 APRIL 2020

During these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarantis Group with an absolute sense of responsibility and staying true to its commitment of contributing to the local communities, plans a series of donations in order to offer multidimensionally to the society.

Considering that personal hygiene is now more important than ever, Noxzema, one of the Group’s most loved brands and a symbol of care, embraces the valuable efforts made for the communities by Ark of the World and Doctors of the World, offering all the soap bars needed to cover their annual needs.

Sarantis Group commitment is to offer in these uncertain times and act collectively with other companies to address this global health crisis. As part of this commitment further donations will be made by the Group in due course.

Download in PDF (204.7KB)

Sarantis Group through Noxzema enhances further its CSR actions regarding collective safety in collaboration with My market.

Provides an educational program for children in institutions to ensure safety through hand washing and supports schools in 10 small islands of Greece, in collaboration with My market. Sarantis Group, faithful to its commitment to support the Greek society, continues its CSR actions for collective safety and health, through its brand Noxzema, which is a synonym of protection, care and reliability.
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