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Sarantis Group implements precautionary measures and embraces smart-working

16 MARCH 2020

Within the recent developments of COVID-19 outbreak globally and in Greece, Sarantis Group, with an absolute sense of responsibility, both towards its employees and to the society, and in order to contribute to the effort of slowing down the spread of the virus, announces that, for precautionary reasons, it embraces a smart-working scheme from 13/3/2020 until 27/3/2020 at its headquarters ensuring at the same time business continuity through smart-working and exploiting its modern technological infrastructure systems.

As this crisis is escalating, Sarantis Group with consistency and responsibility made sure to immediately respond with a robust coronavirus protection policy. Specifically, the Group implemented the cancellation of both internal and external events, the suspension of both professional and personal travel, extensive smart-working, its central facilities decontamination and health guidance, in line with the Greek State’s and the WHO’s guidelines.

The Group’s aim through its precautionary measures is to protect the well-being of its employees and the society, while ensuring its business continuity and that it will continue to fulfil its purpose by offering high quality brands, despite the adverse circumstances.

Download in PDF (201.8KB)

Sarantis Group through Noxzema enhances further its CSR actions regarding collective safety in collaboration with My market.

Provides an educational program for children in institutions to ensure safety through hand washing and supports schools in 10 small islands of Greece, in collaboration with My market. Sarantis Group, faithful to its commitment to support the Greek society, continues its CSR actions for collective safety and health, through its brand Noxzema, which is a synonym of protection, care and reliability.
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