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PiC: The complete range of Blood Pressure Monitors & the courtesy to elderly care homes!

19 MARCH 2021

With respect to the health and safety of citizens, Sarantis Group has donated medical equipment to various centers hosting elderly people, taking into account their needs, strengthening its corporate social responsibility actions.

In this context, and in cooperation with the Italian company PiC of which it holds the exclusive representation in Greece, Sarantis group offered forty (40) modern digital blood pressure monitors to meet the needs of 15 Elderly Care Homes in Athens.

With this donation, Sarantis Group aspires to contribute to the commendable work of the Elderly Care Homes, while expressing its gratitude to the medical staff, doctors, nurses and administrative staff of the centres for their significant effort especially during this difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The digital blood pressure monitors have become very popular in recent years. Their main advantages are their ease of use and their high accuracy. PiC has a comprehensive range of blood pressure monitors, clinically proven and validated by the European Hypertension Community (ESH) and with a five-year warranty.

Please note that Sarantis Group proceeded to the donation of PiC Easy Rapid Blood Pressure Monitor that has a detector for arrhythmia and could register up to 60 memories with date and time. In addition to this device, a variety of blood pressure monitors with different functionalities and uses are available. PiC Help Rapid blood pressure monitor has a pre-configured cuff with motion detector, arrhythmia detector and registers up to 100 memories for two users with date and time. Also, PiC Mobile Rapid, in addition to the above functions, there is the possibility of connecting via Bluetooth to the PiC Health Station App for storing and sending measurements. The same goes for the PiC Mobile Wrist blood pressure monitor, which is practical & easy to carry and also the only wrist blood pressure monitor in PiC range. Finally, PiC Cardio Afib is a specialized blood pressure monitor, which in addition to other functions, detects heart abnormalities such as atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia. All PiC blood pressure monitors are accompanied with a 5-year warranty and are validated by the European Hypertension Community.

A few words about the brand:

PiC is an Italian brand, which is active in the category of personal care & hygiene products, over 50 years, in Greece the brand is distributed via GR. SARANTIS S.A. Thanks to its years of experience & know-how, PiC has managed to gain the trust of both consumers and professionals as it is the most reliable choice, offering innovative products, excellent quality & easy to use products.! ‘’It’s easy with PiC!‘

PiC: The complete range of Blood Pressure Monitors & the courtesy to elderly care homes! (289.6KB)

2nd Voluntary Cleaning Action by Sarantis Group and megabrand SANITAS in collaboration with Save Your Hood

Sarantis Group and the reliable brand, SANITAS, true to their commitment to reduce their ecological footprint, organized for the second consecutive year, the joint voluntary cleaning action with the support of Save Your Hood.
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