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Important distinctions for Sarantis Group at the Sales Excellence Awards with 3 Gold awards and 1 Silver

4 JULY 2022

Sarantis Group was honored with important distinctions at the Sales Excellence Awards event organized by the Sales Institute Greece (IPE) and BOUSSIAS, as a reward for the efficient sales practices it follows and its ability to respond to the particularly challenging business conditions shaping the market the recent years.

The customer-centric approach, the excellent execution in the sales channels and the emphasis on innovation and product quality are the key elements ensuring the Group's successful and efficient sales model.

More specifically, the company was honored with the following Gold and Silver awards:

  1. The Gold award for Sales Director of the year 2021 was granted to Thanasis Beis, Sales Manager of Consumer Products in Greece for the important role he has played in the transition that Sarantis Group Greek commercial team has made in recent years, inaugurating a series of processes , introducing new projects, restructuring the sales team, adding a dedicated e-commerce team, as well as for his contribution to the cultivation of team spirit and the empowerment of the members of the commercial team.
  2. Gold award in the category of "Successful product introduction to the market", for the Bioten deodorant range. Bioten deodorants brought a truly revolutionary innovation in their category, the prebiotics of natural origin (Natural Origin Prebiotics) that help strengthen the skin's natural defenses and limit the bacteria that cause bad smell. At the same time, they contribute to the balance of the microbiome of the skin in the armpit area and the PH levels.
  3. Gold award in the category "Responding to changing consumer behaviors due to Covid", for the holistic activation in the gift sets. Sarantis Group, a leader in mass market fragrances, managed to increase the visibility of the category in-store (in-store & on-line) and create a festive atmosphere and a lighter mood which, due to the Covid restrictions, was more needed more than ever.
  4. Silver Award in the category "Restructuring of Sales Department or Sales Network", for the Dynamic Resourcing in Field Execution Department. This is a project aimed at monitoring and achieving the optimal presence of the company in the stores. The business analytics team managed, through advanced score model and meta-analysis techniques, to derive the optimal store visit program that leads to the best management of the team's resources as well as the best execution of the actions of our brands inside the stores.

Mr. Beis commented: “The sales team of GR. SARANTIS S.A., in the last three years has started to implement a "transformation" plan in order to increase efficiency, excellent sales execution and perfect execution up to the most remote point of sale, and ultimately result to significant increase in our sales. The main element of the success of this team, however, is the passion to achieve something better every day and the Ethos by which all stakeholders are approached".

Sarantis Group

Headquartered in Athens and boasting a history of over 50 years, Sarantis Group is a multinational consumer products company having leading presence in Eastern Europe and an expanding geographical footprint through own subsidiaries and strong export activity worldwide. Our mission is to uplift the mood of consumers, with beautiful simplicity that makes everyday life better, by being always nearby, working closely with our stakeholders to create value sustainably. From Personal Care, Home Care and Health Care Products as well as Luxury Cosmetics, we offer well recognized brands that have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. With strong activity in 13 countries, and in particular in Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal, Slovenia and Ukraine, we maintain a dynamic international presence and a powerful distribution network of more than 50 countries around the world.

Important distinctions for Sarantis Group at the Sales Excellence Awards with 3 Gold awards and 1 Silver (155.3KB)

Response to a letter sent by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission

The company GR. SARANTIS S.A. (the “Company”), following the Hellenic Capital Market Commission’s inquiry letter No 1583 dated June 27th 2022 regarding the sale of the Company’s participation in the Joint Venture with The Estee Lauder Companies, informs the investors’ community as follows: On 15.
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