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Human – Up: «Speak Up about your feelings every day!»

14 FEBRUARY 2023

Sarantis Group and STR8 , for 2nd consecutive year, joined their forces with selected supermarket chains and continue, the successful campaign Human-Up through they promote “empathy” and listen to the needs of young male audience who have changed by following a more human – centered approach, promoting open communication. The renewed STR8 is powerfully coming to, once again, make a difference, aiming to combat and reduce toxic behavior phenomena associated with stereotypes. Participates in fighting against bullying in young ages and in general.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, STR8 comes to speak to young audience and this year, urge the man to not be afraid to express himself and show his feelings – freely do what he feels. In a world where things become more complex and complicated, men want to go their own way.  

Fresh and dynamic, optimistic and bright, the famous men’s care brand through its initiative “Live Without Bullying” supports the Social Action & Innovation Center’s (KMOP) and its social action, by allocating part of the revenue from its sales during the planned in – store activations, to stimulate the fight against bullying. STR8  fully aligned with the Group’s sustainable development strategy, empowers everyone’s right to speak up and fights against bullying. Sarantis Group recognizing its responsibility to future generations, is committed to playing its part to change at a social, environmental and ethical level through Corporate Social Responsibility decisions and strategic synergies,.



Contact Info: Eleni Pappa, Corporate Communications Director, , tel. 210 6173065

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Human – Up: «Speak Up about your feelings every day!» (154.9KB)

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