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Best in Pharmacy awards 2021: LANES, BIO-OIL & FERTI-LILY were awarded this year

5 OCTOBER 2021

In its 4th event, the Best in Pharmacy Awards highlighted the companies and pharmacy products that stood out for their good marketing practices and innovation. The companies that received the highest scores in the overall evaluation and were distinguished, were awarded at the Awards Ceremony held on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021.

The Sarantis Group Health & Care division was awarded in (4) categories and in (2) different pillars, Best in Marketing και Best in R&D. Specifically, the categories distinguished were the following:

Top Launch, Cosmetics: Bio-Oil Skincare Oil (Natural)| Bronze Award

The Bio-Oil Skincare Oil (Natural) is a specialized 100% natural and vegan oil for the treatment of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tones. Thanks to its unique composition of vitamins and natural oils of wild soybean, sunflower, pomegranate, and Roman chamomile, it offers deep skin care while maintaining the skin’s elasticity and healthy look. The communication campaign of Bio-Oil Skincare Oil (Natural), with the strategic goal of creating awareness & highlighting the basic USPs of the brand, was based on both Digital and ATL media.

Best advertising campaign for consumers, Social Media: Lanes Multivitamins Digital Campaign| Silver Award

The purpose of this communication was to enable the brand to integrate its know-how and experience in the field of Multivitamins in an intelligible way, while remaining familiar to the consumer. Thus, the digital campaign "Live what you want" was created, which ran in May 2021, covering both of the above two axes. The main message of the campaign was that there is no way to fit love, appetite for life, or care into a Multivitamin tablet or a vial. But all the ingredients we need every day to do what we love and to live what we want can fit into a dietary supplement.

Innovative product of the year Nutritional Supplements / Superfoods / Vitamins: Lanes Vitamins C Plus| Bronze Award

Lanes as the no1 brand in the category of vitamin C *, continues to innovate and surprise us. In an effort to "complement" multiple needs, she created two dual-action dietary supplements that cover two different needs each. Guided by the fact that the modern consumer wants to strengthen his body more by covering different needs, Lanes created the Lanes vitamins C Plus Energy & Pluc Beauty! Lanes Vitamin C 500mg Plus Energy, aims to strengthen the immune system of each body and at the same time offer stimulation by increasing energy levels. While Vitamin C 500mg Plus Beauty, thanks to its composition stimulates the immune system and in addition, takes care of the good health of our hair, nails and skin.

* IQVIA, pharmacy sales data in pieces MAT JUN 2021, 04 VITAM.MINER. & NUTRIT.SUPPL, classification in MNF

Innovative product of the year Medical & Diagnostic Products: Fertility Cup Ferti-Lily| Gold Award

The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup is a Class I Medical Device, made of 100% soft medical silicone in Switzerland. Helps couples increase their chances of conceiving by 1.5 times more. The whole process is done from the comfort of their home, without losing the magic of the moment and they do not need to visit a specialist to apply FERTI·LILY Conception Cup as it is easy and comfortable to use.

The awards ceremony was a great celebration for the industry, after a year following special conditions and restrictions, about 150 executives were given the opportunity to meet and be rewarded for their success.

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Best In Pharmacy Awards 2021: LANES, BIO-OIL & FERTI-LILY Were Awarded This Year (438.5KB)

Sarantis Group reached an agreement with Unilever Asia for the distribution of Fissan in Greece

Sarantis Group, one of the largest multinational consumer products companies with a significant international presence, leading brands and partnerships, announces that it has reached an agreement with UNILEVER ASIA for the representation and distribution of Fissan baby care products in Greece.
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