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Sarantis Group through Noxzema enhances further its CSR actions regarding collective safety in collaboration with My market.


Provides an educational program for children in institutions to ensure safety through hand washing and supports schools in 10 small islands of Greece, in collaboration with My market.

Sarantis Group, faithful to its commitment to support the Greek society, continues its CSR actions for collective safety and health, through its brand Noxzema, which is a synonym of protection, care and reliability. Focusing this time on children, the Group joins forces with My market and jointly supports the organization Agoni Grammi and the Mum Institute for the implementation of an educational program regarding the health care of children living in institutions, through the hand washing. At the same time, it offers support to the schools of ten small islands of Greece, donating soap bars covering their needs for a whole year.

In this educational context, a series of visits to institutions will follow to inform and educate the children living there in order to help them link daily hygiene with health and virus prevention, making hand washing a fun habit. Children will learn how germs grow and how they can be transmitted by dirty hands. They will also receive practical advice on the steps needed for effective hand washing, frequency, and alternative protection if soap and water are not available.

In addition, apart from providing education and awareness to protect children through personal hygiene, Noxzema offers practical support to children in the border area of Greece, providing, through donation, schools in 10 small islands of our country with soap bars to cover of their needs for a year. The donation is addressed to the public schools in Heraklion, Donoussa, Schinoussa, Koufonisia, Agios Efstratios, Astypalea, Halki, Oinousses, Agathonisi and Anafi.

The new CSR action carried out with the support of Noxzema followed the brands series of product donations of hand cleaning items in the organizations "Doctors of the World", "Ark of the World", as well as the offer of personal hygiene items in the institutions "The Smile of the Child" , "Shelter of Love & Support", "Athens Nursing Home" and "Sunshine", for a year, at a time when these kind of needs are of outmost importance.

The organization Agoni grammi implements the largest educational & cultural programs in border areas of Greece. The goal of the programs is equal access to education and culture for all, regardless of their place of residence. Since 2007, more than 1,100 visits have been made to 95 islands and villages during the winter. Its activities include interactive experiences, training workshops, lectures, exhibitions, library enrichment, medical exams, theatrical performances, film screenings, concerts and donations. The programs are aimed primarily at children, without excluding adults.

The Mum Institute is a charity initiative for social responsibility and contribution, started by the Mum Social Club of ceramics, books and food. The Mum Institute consists of the city's artistic and creative scene: artists, chefs, architects, curators, designers and many others join forces for a good cause and aspire to help communities and vulnerable groups in need. In collaboration with the Social Welfare Center of the Attica Region, the Mum Institute undertook feeding and educational activities for 30 adolescent girls living in the "Playground of Agia Varvara". Activities include cooking, ceramic, artistic expression, architecture, yoga and circular gymnastics seminars, as well as the construction of a collective vegetable garden.

Sarantis Group will continue its CSR actions aimed at safety and improving the quality of life of all, always through its loved and trusted brands.

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Regarding Noxzema:

Noxzema has been present in the Greek market since 1990 and since October 2014 belongs to Sarantis Group brand portfolio. Through all its product categories, it has been known for its effectiveness and high skin care guality. Noxzema has high quality, dermatologically tested products that meet the daily needs of thousands of women and men. Thanks to its specialization and know-how through laboratory research, it offers reliable effectiveness and lasting protection. At the same time, thanks to the specially designed composition of its products, it respects and cares for the skin, without creating irritations. Noxzema has a wide range of products from different product categories such as deodorants, pre-shave and after-shave products, shower gels, cream soaps and soap bars.

Regarding My market:

My market is a purely Greek supermarket chain with 225 points of sale throughout Greece. It was founded in 1976. From the first day of its operation, the company operates consistently and reliably in the Greek market. My market cooperates in its vast majority with Greek producers and suppliers. The main point of reference all these years has been and still is the respect for the customer, the non-negotiable quality of its products and services, the safe working environment and the offer to society as a whole in multiple and multidimensional ways.

Sarantis Group

Headquartered in Athens and boasting a history of over 50 years, Sarantis Group is a multinational consumer products company having dominant presence in Eastern Europe and an expanding geographical footprint through own subsidiaries and strong export activity worldwide. The Group's activity is focused on the fields of personal care, homecare products as well as health & care, professional and luxury cosmetics products offering in each category high quality brands that are top in the preferences of consumers. With strong activity in 13 countries: Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia, Portugal, Ukraine and Russia - the Group maintains its dynamic international presence and a remarkable distribution network. from 50 countries around the world.

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Noxzema: Manos Galanos, T: + 30 210 6173626, e-mail:

Ogilvy: Aliki Therapou, Τ: +30 210 6660403, e-mail :

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