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Sarantis Group Shines at Coty Conference, Awarded Best KCP Program for Prestigious Brands

22 DECEMBER 2023

Sarantis Group, a leading player in the beauty & skin care and personal care industry, showcased its excellence at the recent Coty Conference held in Lisbon. The company was honored with the prestigious Best Key Customer Program (KCP) award for its outstanding performance with the iconic brands, Burberry, Gucci, Boss and Chloe during the festive Christmas period, as well as Lancaster for the implementation of a 360 – degree marketing plan.

Regarding Burberry, Gucci, Boss and Chloe, Sarantis Group aimed at boosting brand visibility both in the digital realm and at the point of sales (POS) was particularly recognized. The company executed an impactful animation with a festive concept for the selected brands. The primary goal was evident, to enhance visibility and foster consumer engagement throughout the pivotal holiday season.

For Lancaster, a priority brand under Sarantis Group umbrella, FY23 saw the implementation of a comprehensive 360 – degree marketing plan. The focus during H1 was on the brand’s iconic line, 365 Skin Repair, with a special emphasis on the best-seller Youth Renewal Serum. The strategy aimed to communicate Lancaster’s skincare expertise, proving the undisputed claim that pioneering and leading performance sunscreen products presuppose at least equal performance product and skincare expertise.

The quantitative objectives for H1 included increasing skincare presentation in sales numbers boosting sales for the 365 Skin Repair line. Transitioning into H2, the spotlight shifted to Lancaster’s diverse range of sun care lines. The goal, was to educate customers on the variety of products that offer sun protection and skin care at the same time, showcasing products like the Sun Perfect, Sun Sensitive Tinted Fluid, Sun Protective Water, Sun Sport Invisible Face Fluid and Sun 365 Compact. The quantitative background for H2 was to gain market share in the sun care category across all retailers, reflecting Sarantis Group commitment to continuous growth and innovation.

Sarantis Group remains dedicated to push boundaries and deliver exceptional results for both its partners and consumers. The recognition at the Coty Conference reaffirms the company’s position as a key player in the beauty and personal care industry.

Sarantis Group Shines at Coty Conference, Awarded Best KCP Program for Prestigious Brands (135.6KB)

Top Accolades for Sarantis Group at the Procurement Excellence Awards 2024

Sarantis Group and the Procurement Department achieved significant accolades at the Procurement Excellence Awards, earning a Gold Award in the Best Category Management Initiative category with the submission “Fragrance Excellence: A Category Management journey towards sustainable simplicity and cost optimization” as well as Silver Award in the Manufacturing category with the submission “Procurement Team: Mapping the road towards Excellence!”.
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