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Sarantis Group and its employees stand by the people affected by the devastating floods in Thessaly

3 OCTOBER 2023

Sarantis Group, once again, demonstrates that it stands by those who are truly in need and consistently responds to urgent needs. From the very beginning, the Group demonstrated its solidarity and care by providing support to the families and citizens affected by the devastating floods in Thessaly. This was accomplished through donations of essential items, which were distributed to Humanity Greece, with the aim of further assisting those affected.

In this endeavor, the contribution of the Group’s people was particularly significant. They responded promptly and with a strong sense of contribution, collecting essential items for immediate dispatch to Humanity Greece, the volunteer organization that gives voice to those cannot be heard. From the very begging, volunteers from Humanity Greece initiated the largest chain of solidarity in the country. Day after day, they travel to every village, aiding in the coordination and organization of both goods and their distribution to the people in need.

Solidarity towards our fellow citizens has always been at the core of Sarantis Group values, driving the Group to act decisively and with dedication in every relief campaign, thereby contributing to the alleviation of those affected.


About Sarantis Group:

Headquartered in Athens and boasting a history of over 50 years, Sarantis Group is a multinational consumer products company having leading presence in Eastern Europe and an expanding geographical footprint through own subsidiaries and strong export activity worldwide. Our mission is to uplift the mood of consumers, with beautiful simplicity that makes everyday life better, by being always nearby, working closely with our stakeholders to create value sustainably. From Personal Care, Home Care and Health Care Products as well as Luxury Cosmetics, we offer well recognized brands that have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. With strong activity in 13 countries, and in particular in Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia, Portugal, Slovenia and Ukraine, we maintain a dynamic international presence and a powerful distribution network of more than 50 countries around the world.

Sarantis Group and its employees stand by the people affected by the devastating floods in Thessaly (114.2KB)

Sarantis Group and SANITAS continue their joint voluntary cleaning action with AB Vassilopoulos in Galatsi

Faithful to our commitment to actively contribute to the care and revival of the park, Sarantis Group and the megabrand SANITAS, once again, joined forces with AB Vassilopoulos and conducted the 2nd joint cleaning action at Veikou Grove in Galatsi supporting the work of the PanHellenic Volunteer Movement Save Your Hood.
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