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Election of a New Board of Directors: Sarantis Group is setting the foundations for a new era of growth

21 DECEMBER 2023

Athens, 21/12/2023- GR. SARANTIS SA, a leading consumer products company with a significant and constantly growing international presence, announces the new composition of its Board of Directors, following the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the company’s shareholders, held yesterday, 20/12/2023.

The election of the new Board of Directors is a milestone for Sarantis Group, as it marks the beginning of a new era with strong prospects for sustainable development. The new Board of Directors oversees a new dynamic framework of corporate governance that will ensure the integrity, transparency and accountability of the Group, the strengthening of its innovation and business development, as well as the creation of high adding value for the customers, partners and the employees of the Group. The new composition reflects the size and multidimensional activity of the company with members, whose many years of experience in positions of high responsibility in leading Greek and international companies, as well as their deep knowledge of the sectors of activity of the Group, will contribute to the achievement of its business goals.

In particular, Sarantis Group welcomes to its Board of Directors Michalis Imellos, Marianna Politopoulou and Aggeliki Samara, individuals with a successful career in leadership positions and roles of high responsibility who join as Independent Non-Executive Directors, in addition to Irini Nikiforaki.

Michalis Imellos is an experienced chartered accountant and director with a diverse background in the consumer goods and technology industries. Since 2021, he has been serving as a non-executive director for Coca-Cola HBC Finance BV, the financing arm of Coca-Cola HBC and as an advisor in private equity entities. Between 2008 and 2021 he held several roles at Coca-Cola HBC, including serving as Group Chief Financial Officer for 9 years, as well as Interim Chief Executive Officer. Prior to his Coca-Cola HBC tenure, he worked with Xerox in various finance roles, including M&A Director and Divisional Finance Director in the group’s European headquarters in the UK. He started his career in audit with Ernst & Young. Michalis Imellos has been appointed Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Marianna Politopoulou, with a long professional career in Greece and abroad, has held top management positions and CEO positions in large companies among others, with Honeywell Europe, EFG Eurobank, Inchcape Hellas Group, Credit Agricole Indosuez Luxembourg and the National Bank of Greece. Between 2016-2022 she was the Chairwoman & CEO of NN Hellas and NN Agency and subsequently Chairwoman and CEO of Metlife and Chairwoman of Metlife Mutual Fund Co. In her roles she has been designing growth strategies and implementing corporate governance processes, transforming the operating model and corporate culture of the businesses she worked with.  Marianna Politopoulou has been appointed as Chair of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee.

Aggeliki Samara has remarkable academic experience in the field of Accounting, as she is an Assistant Professor in Accounting at the Department of Accounting and Finance, School of Business Administration, University of Macedonia.  She has extensive experience in accounting field and in the oversight of financial reporting and audit and she is an expert serving in different Councils, like the Quality Control Board (QCB) of the Hellenic Accounting and Auditing Oversight Board (HAASOB), the Quality Control Committee (QCC) of SOEL, or in various government bodies. She has been appointed as an independent member of both Audit and Remuneration & Nominations committees.

The arrival of the new independent members marks a new chapter to the leadership of the Group, as they are expected to contribute significantly to aligning the strategic priorities with best class corporate governance practices, creating high adding value for the Group and its shareholders. With the strengthening of its leadership, Sarantis Group is ready to face the challenges of the future and continue to play a leading role in the Greek and international markets.

Kyriakos Sarantis, Chief Executive Officer of Sarantis Group, commented: "The new composition of the Board of Directors of Sarantis Group reflects our strong commitment to enhancing the corporate governance to the highest standards. The new members of the Board, with their strong leadership skills, bring significant experience and knowledge strengthening the Group’s competitive profile, while we enter a new phase of accelerated growth. We would like to welcome Michalis Imellos, Marianna Politopoulou and Aggeliki Samara to the Board and wish them best of luck in their new duties."


Note to Editors

The new Board of Directors with a four-year term will consist of 10 members, four of whom are independent. This composition will ensure the adequate representation of all interested parties of the Group and will strengthen its independence and efficiency.

The new composition of the Board of Directors was formed as shown below:

  1. Grigorios Sarantis, Chairman, Executive Director
  2. Kyriakos Sarantis, CEO, Executive Director
  3. Ioannis Bouras, Deputy CEO, Executive Director
  4. Christos Varsos, Group CFO, Executive Director
  5. Evangelos Siarlis, Group CHRO, Executive Director
  6. Konstantinos Rozakeas, Vice Chairman, Non-Executive Director
  7. Michalis Imellos, Independent Non-Executive Director
  8. Marianna Politopoulou, Independent Non-Executive Director
  9. Angeliki Samara, Independent Non-Executive Director
  10. Irini Nikiforaki, Independent Non-Executive Director

The above members of the Company's Board of Directors meet the eligibility criteria, in accordance with Article 3 of Law 4706/2020, as applicable, and the approved Suitability Policy of the Company, the conditions of Articles 3 and 5 of Law 4706/2020, as applicable, on adequate representation by gender and the total number of independent non-executive members of the Company's Board of Directors, respectively. In addition, there are no obstacles or incompatibilities in the person of the elected members of the Company's Board of Directors regarding any relevant provisions of the legislative framework of corporate governance, including the Corporate Governance Code applied by the Company (Hellenic Code of Corporate Governance of the E.S.E. D. of June 2021), of the Company's Operating Regulations and its approved Suitability Policy.

The biographies of all the members of the Board of Directors are attached hereto and are posted at the Company’s site.

Election of a New Board of Directors: Sarantis Group is setting the foundations for a new era of growth (162.1KB)

Sarantis Group Sustainability Report 2023

Sarantis Group, being fully committed to its strategy, is intensifying efforts towards Sustainable Development and reaffirms once again its dedication towards innovation and high-quality products that are safe and environmentally friendly.
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