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Sarantis Group personal care brand bioten was voted as the Product of the Year 2022, for its innovative deodorants with prebiotics and ingredients of 100% natural origin

13 APRIL 2022

Sarantis Group is recognized one more time for its devotion to innovation and its commitment to high product quality

Sarantis Group personal care brand, bioten, with its deep knowledge of natural ingredients and their properties, was awarded as the Product of the Year 2022 in the category of women's deodorants.

The new series of bioten deodorants combine uniquely the power of prebiotics with ingredients of 100% natural origin, which help boost the skin's natural defenses and reduce the bacteria that cause bad scent in the armpit area.

This distinction came as a result of the committee’s selection and the final outcome of the consumer research conducted in a sample of 3200 consumers for the needs of the competition, held by the company IRI Hellas. The award was received by Ms. Nicole Alexi Brand Manager at the deos & fragrances category, on Monday April 11th in the official ceremony of the internationally recognized institution "Product of the Year", which is represented from 2018 in Greece and Cyprus by the Direction Business Network.

bioten’s deodorants series distinction as a Product of the Year 2022, is another confirmation of the brand’s dynamic in this category, while additionally proves the important position it has gained in the preferences of Greek consumers. Moreover, always in line with the Group’s commitments, the award stands as a further recognition of the Group's product portfolio, its know-how, its innovation, and its commitment to high product quality.


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Bioten is a highly recognized personal care brand that is inextricably linked to sustainability and natural ingredients. It has a variety of products that cover skin care and body care categories.

Sarantis Group personal care brand bioten was voted as the Product of the Year 2022, for its innovative deodorants with prebiotics and ingredients of 100% natural origin (410.3KB)

Sarantis Group through its homecare brand AVA collaborates with the NGO FOOD ON in order to support socially excluded groups

The beloved detergent AVA, Sarantis Group home care brand, in collaboration with FOOD ON and its CSR activity, organized a social dinner at "Raki Meze" of the Kastelorizo ​​group, giving the opportunity to unemployed and socially excluded people to dine with various company representatives so that they can successfully integrate into society and claim a vacancy.
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