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Sarantis Group launches clinéa, the new refillable clean pharmacy skincare brand

7 MARCH 2023

Sarantis Group, one of the leading consumer products companies boasting a significant international presence and top brands and partnerships, committed to its strategy, intensifies its efforts towards sustainable development and confirms yet again its dedication towards innovation and high product quality. The Group unveils its new clean beauty brand, clinéa – a revolutionary combination of natural and science-backed ingredients. Fully in line with the Group’s culture and values, clinéa transcends nature and science, setting new standards for sustainable beauty and creating innovative solutions. By choosing only the best elements of both, Sarantis Group created the new refillable clean, pharmacy skincare brand that is effective, safe and respects the environment.

With its #refill_goodness tagline, clinéa presents a comprehensive selection of wellness skincare solutions, with distinct lines to cover any skin type and every beauty need: cleansers, moisturizers, age defense and illuminating line, serums, and refills for every product. clinéa offers an innovative skincare experience that transforms textures during use. The philosophy of the brand is based on “To refill us with goodness” by creating sustainable and refillable packaging, with refill pods. The inner pod is 100% recyclable and every time the jar is replenished 87% of multi-material packaging is saved, while the non-refillable products are made of recycled and recyclable materials to help reduce our environmental impact. All products are made under the strict conditions of our unique clean formula concept, using only carefully selected ingredients that respect both your skin and the environment, excluding any ingredient that is harmful or suspicious for its impact on humans and the environment. In addition, they are vegan friendly, no cruelty, contain allergens-free fragrance and made of sustainable raw materials. In addition, all clinéa products are developed and produced in the Group’s modern production facilities at Oinofyta, under strict quality and safety standards, using more environmentally friendly production methods since a significant part of the plant’s production energy is supplied by photovoltaic systems.

The brand’s “clean beauty” philosophy is completed with the 4 Balance Boosters Innovation, an exclusive complex made of hyaluronic acid, fermented kombucha extract and prebiotics that helps protect skin’s 4 balance pillars (microbiome, pH, physical barrier, cellular communication) for a healthy-looking skin.

Sarantis Group is committed to promoting a more sustainable way of life to its consumers by supporting an ecological perspective in the usage of its products, while embracing recycling, responsible use of its products with respect to the environment, proper waste management and reuse of packaging.

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Contact Info: Eleni Pappa, Corporate Communications Director, , tel. +30 210 6173065

Nioti Aliki, Brand Manager,, tel: +30 210 6173106


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Sarantis Group launches clinéa, the new refillable clean pharmacy skincare brand (492.1KB)

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