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Sarantis Group in collaboration with AB Vassilopoulos support once more the CSR initiative: live offline

19 MAY 2022

Sarantis Group, faithful to its commitment to support Greek society, joins forces with AB Vassilopoulos & KETHEA and through its brands supports the treatment of social issues such as internet addiction and screen addiction. Sarantis Group and AB Vassilopoulos, guided by their corporate values, support the "live offline" initiative which offers support to young people and those who need it.

Main goal of the action is to create family awareness on the desired balance in the use of screens and technological mediums. With the message "live and offline", we urge prudent use but NOT abuse. This time the initiative encourages families rather than create social media posts, to create memories. Sarantis Group and AB Vassilopoulos will promote KETHEA’s mission and financially support its business.

Consumers by purchasing Sarantis Group’s products from 19/5/2022 until 01/06/2022: SANITAS, AVA, TEZA, AFROSO, ORZENE, KOLESTON, WELLAFLEX, WELLA DELUXE, CARROTEN, BATISTE, BIOTEN, NOXZEMA, WASH&GO & FINO support KETHEA through donations.

KETHEA is the largest rehabilitation and social reintegration network in Greece. Amongst its services, KETHEA supports teenagers and adults who face internet and video games addiction. Its main goal is to help young people to reduce excessive time spent in screens and internet, helping them to enhance their personal and social skills and deal with issues that concern them. The programs encourage education, socializing and recreational activities.  Additionally, along to addiction, mental disorders are also treated. The program approach is personalized. The content, frequency and duration of the intervention are adapted to the needs of each individual, while his close environment is also supported. The services are provided free of charge, confidentiality is maintained, and anonymity is protected.

Both Sarantis Group and AB Vassilopoulos will continue their corporate social responsibility programs aiming to have a positive impact on society, contributing to change while embracing each family.


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Sarantis Group in collaboration with AB Vassilopoulos support once more the CSR initiative: live offline (356.2KB)

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