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Sarantis Group continues to give back to the society amidst the COVID-19 crisis across the Group’s region

24 APRIL 2020

As COVID-19 pandemic is escalating, we stay true to our commitment to offer back to the society through our loved and trusted brands across our region. Following a series of donations in Greece, more countries of the Group join this effort through 50,000 brand-based donations and financial support to institutions, hospitals and those in need.

In Poland, we donated Jan Niezbędny cleaning tools & Luksja personal care products to support the hospital in Piaseczno. In Ukraine, financial support was provided in Kaniv hospital to purchase lung ventilators. In Serbia, we offered Fino & Topstar cleaning tools to the hospital in Cacak, the Belgrade’s Municipality and to the Gerontological center of Belgrade. In North Macedonia, we donated Fino garbage bags and cleaning tools for the needs of Skopje’s clinic center.

Finally, in Greece this time through SANITAS, we provided cleaning tools and Easter treats to the personnel of hospitals coping with Coronavirus and more than 100.000 food servings along with the NGO Boroume to institutions in need.

Thank you all! 👏All our efforts bring our values into life every day! Together we are stronger! Together we make a difference!

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Sarantis Group through Noxzema enhances further its CSR actions regarding collective safety in collaboration with My market.

Provides an educational program for children in institutions to ensure safety through hand washing and supports schools in 10 small islands of Greece, in collaboration with My market. Sarantis Group, faithful to its commitment to support the Greek society, continues its CSR actions for collective safety and health, through its brand Noxzema, which is a synonym of protection, care and reliability.
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